SoundUp Arts is a participatory music organisation which specialises in developing programmes that engage people living with dementia. We run choirs, participatory music workshops, long-term arts projects, interactive concerts and singing sessions with people living with dementia. We also develop online resources and tools, to enable carers and care-homes to facilitate high-quality interactive music with confidence. 


We are committed to supporting, developing and working with wonderful early-career musicians in order to build our practices with the next generation of talent. Our SoundUp Artists Associates and volunteers work with us to bring a variety of engaging musical activities to people living with dementia. 


We work along-side our beneficiaries and develop our work with input from people living with dementia. This allows us to shift our approaches, be flexible in our offerings and be responsive to the wants and needs of those we are creating for and with.  


Live participatory music programmes


Digital tools that enable anyone to run effective music sessions


Sharing our practices and developing the skills of other arts and health practitioners

Our work falls into three streams: 

A little more history... 

 "SoundUp is a community service that believes a little music can go a long way."

Hello! I'm Lucy, I started SoundUp after finishing a Masters in Classical Singing in 2018 at the Royal Northern College of Music. Following this I was awarded a Junior Fellowship in Learning and Participation, and then went on to work as a Dementia Group Leader and music specialist for Together Dementia Support. These roles sparked my interest in the intrinsic connection between arts and health.


When I began working musically with people living with dementia it was like a light switched on, I was fascinated and thrilled by the effect music and singing has on the brain that has been damaged by disease. Instantly I saw our participants connecting, communicating and being completely expressive. It was unlike any musical experience I had had before, and the joy of these sessions was addictive.

The driving force behind creating SoundUp Arts came from the inspiring musicians I met throughout my studies; musicians with incredible talent, generous spirits and an intrinsic dependency on the community they build in order to sustain careers. I was shown the good that these musicians could facilitate. No matter where we are from, how much we have or how able we are, music can affect and enrich us all. That is why I wanted to dedicate my energy to making the delivery of music easier, and to see it shared amongst sectors of the community in need of its enriching benefits most.


SoundUp is a community service that believes a little music can go a long way. Every day I feel very grateful to be able to work in such an interesting and rewarding field, and often think to myself that I gain just as much joy from interacting with our participants as they have gained through the musical interaction. 


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