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Online Fundraising Concert Series

Across July 2020 some of our SoundUp Artists hosted their own online fundraising concerts. All money raised went towards developing our work for people with dementia, and supporting our early career musicians. Concerts were live-streamed at the scheduled date & time below.


Each concert had it's own special touch. Some had themes, stories and some were just a collection of favourites. The artists had complete creative licence over the planning and programming of the concert. They all worked really hard to market and get the word out. You can hear some of BBC 'Make A Difference' interviews from the SoundUp Artists below.

These fundraisers were of dual benefit- all donations enabled us to continue to support our wonderful musicians, and directly contribute to the continuation of our work with people living with dementia. They were a great success and we raised a considerable amount for our projects and artists. 

If you contributed to one of these concerts, we want to thank you for your donation and service. You have made a big difference to our SoundUp Artists, and the provision of music in care homes. Thank you for helping us continue to reach people living with dementia despite COVID-19, providing access to high-quality, engaging and participatory music and creative activities, which has and proven impact on wellbeing, personhood, agency, mood and quality of life.

Live Streams Archive
Nikki Martin
Olivia Dance
Celia Denore Lopez‎
Rachel Spiers
Edward Robinson & Rhiannon Doogan
Naomi Rogers
Rebecca Anderson
Daniella Sicari
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