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12 Days of Sound Up

This Christmas, SoundUp Arts will be giving the gift of music with our free musical advent calendar. From the 14th of December enjoy our 12 Days of SoundUp, a daily gift from our SoundUp Artists, available on our website. Alongside each musical performance there will be a printable activity for you to try at home. We hope our musical advent calendar brings you a little joy and good cheer this holiday season. 


-- It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas--

Before the 12 Day of SoundUp started, we needed to announce the project and what better way to launch us into the festive season than to have a live-stream concert! SoundUp Artists Rhiannon Doogan, Rachel Speirs, Edward Robinson, and Rachel Fright presented ‘Sing-Song Merrily At Home’ - an evening of festive entertainment and sing-along carols! 

Sing Song Merrily At Home

Sing Song Merrily At Home

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SoundUp Artists involved:

Corran Quartet

Nikki Martin
Carolyn Holt

Mark Nathan

Sarah Atter

Hannah Boxall

Anna Harrison

Sally Pitts

Nikolas Maradis
Celia Denore
Naomi Rogers

Eleanor Austin

Daniella Sicari

Olivia Dance

Activity Pack: