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Our CreativeCast Programme brings interactive musical sessions and creative activities to people living with dementia digitally. These are easy and flexible resources that will allow anyone to set up an interactive music and creative session for those they care for.  


What's included in the 'CreativeCast' Package? 

The SoundUp CreativeCasts are a weekly series of interactive videos and accompanying creative resources designed to engage people living with dementia. 


Each weekly CreativeCast is a themed, music-based interactive video of 20-30 minutes. These weekly participatory musical videos are accompanied by a CreativePack; a collection of 6-8 printable creative resources that enable further engagement and activity. Hosted by Lucy, a singer and dementia-music specialist, each video will be based around a different weekly theme and include a range of musical and singing activities to engage people living with dementia. 


Each week, the interactive music activities might include a welcome song, a creative warm-up, a high-quality guest musical performance, and a range of interactive musical and singing activities facilitated by Lucy. Each weekly video will be accompanied by a themed CreativePack. In each weekly pack there will be 6-8 tailor-made activity resources, that can be facilitated with individuals or groups of people living with dementia. These activity resources will include a range of varied activities such as sing-a-longs, creative art activities, quizzes, puzzles, themed playlists, poetry-writing templates, pictures and discussion activities. 

-- Enjoy interactive music anytime, anywhere with anyone --


The SoundUp CreativeCast programme is designed so that the CreativeCast video can be re-watched several times across the week and could be paired with one or more of the CreativePack activity resources. In this way, a carer/facilitator can use the CreativeCast resources in multiple creative sessions across one week.  The application and use of the CreativeCast package is flexible; it can be used in 1-2-1 sessions or with groups of various sizes. The package can be utilized to run various different sessions across each week and has accounted for the range of abilities that people with dementia may experience. The CreativeCast package would provide a minimum of 4+ hours of creative activity each week for an individual, with opportunity to expand these resources to run unlimited hours of creative activities. Importantly, the programme is designed for carers and facilitators to tailor the use of the package to suit those they care for. 


“She becomes the person we used know after she has a session. These sessions are so useful, especially because we can refer back them as well. Based on the one we’ve seen there was definitely a difference for the better.”

 - Family Carer, feedback on our CreativeCast Programme 


How can I purchase the programme?

The CreativeCast programme is available in two forms, digitally- to stream and download, or as a hard copy programme on a DVD with the CreativePacks available in printed and bound booklets.


Digital Prices: You will be sent the files electronically to save and download. You will also be able to stream the videos through private youtube links.  

Programme 1: (Sessions 1-4) £15

Programme 2: (Sessions 5-8) £15

Programme 1 and 2: (Sessions 1-8) £25

Hard Copy Prices: You will be posted a DVD and CreativePack Booklet, (*postage not included in the prices). 

Programme 1: (Sessions 1-4) £20*

Programme 2: (Sessions 5-8) £20*

Programme 1 and 2: (Sessions 1-8) £35*


“Just managed to do a CreativeCast session with M. I wish I could have videoed at the same time. It really brought M to life. He thought Lucy was face timing him. He has missed you so much Lucy. He answered all your questions, sang along and clapped along. At 10 minutes into it he was cracking jokes with you and thanking you. Thank you all so much, your support at this time is immeasurable. We can't wait to get back to normal sessions, but in the meantime just hearing the songs has really raised our game. I will play it again tomorrow.” 

D- Family carer, and partner of M

“She becomes almost the person we used know after she has a session with you. The CreativeCasts are absolutely useful. Especially because we can refer back to them as well. Based on the one we’ve seen there was definitely a difference for the better.”

D- Family carer, and partner of K

Example Packs:

CreativePack: Spring

SoundUp Artists involved:


Lucy Temby
Ranald McCusker

CreativeCasts Flyer:

“When she does your sessions, it changes her personality. It gives me 30 minutes to go and get things done, knowing she is happy and really engaged.”


D- Family carer


“Our residents just love the sessions!”


R- Activities Coordinator

cc shot .jpg


“Brilliant! I heard one resident sing for the first time... Residents become much more alert during and after the session. Moods improved and residents continued to sing. ”

G - Activity Coordinator.



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