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Online Training - Music Made Well

“I now understand more about the brain and dementia.”

Music Made Well

Our ‘Music Made Well’ online course, makes training accessible to you at home.

Run by SoundUp Arts’ educators through the Zoom digital platform, our online course is interactive, personalised and practical. In this half day session you will gain knowledge, skills and learn practical activities that will help you develop your own Music and Dementia Toolkit. Our course is enjoyable and personable, and will develop your confidence to run effective musical sessions for people living with dementia.



We believe that the more the arts and health entities merge, the stronger our shared impact can be. Our training reflects this principle, as we understand knowledge only develops from engaging with those around us. The expertise we hold as an organisation is only strengthened by learning from others, and we welcome the breadth of experiences and expertise from those we share knowledge with. 

The value of training drives us to foster partnerships with other organisations and practitioners, and we relish working with these experts to strengthen our offering. 

Online Tool Kit tips:

Music Made Well Flyer

Training Testimonials:

“It was relaxed but informative, and I think the whole group worked well together, without embarrassment. We were able to speak our minds and absorb the information whilst contributing our own ideas.”


“It was fun, we enjoyed experimenting together as a group and we got to know ‘new’ people in a good way.”


“It has reminded me of how affective music is for a person with dementia.”


“I really liked the way the session was delivered, it was great!”


“I came away with lots of new singing ideas, some new ways to use movement, an introduction to easy-to-use instruments, and a better understanding of how to use music in the moment.”


“It was varied between instructional and interactive. There was a lot of practical advice. It was really, really fantastic.”


“Very well structured, with room for flexibility. Breakout sessions were good to keep things fresh and bounce ideas around without ever becoming chaotic. Lucy was excellent at communicating with clarity, listening to peoples’ ideas and questions and encouraging. The session was very inclusive.”


Research over the past decade into the impacts of arts on health has uncovered a wealth of evidence to support the benefits of music as a therapeutic tool in dementia care. It is clear that engaging in music can have outstanding impacts on people living with dementia, seen in studies to increase communication, wellbeing, agency, expression and selfhood and decrease agitation, aphasia and low mood. 


Unfortunately, however only a fraction of people living with dementia have access to music. Statistics show that 80% of people in care homes have dementia or significant issues with memory, whilst only 5% of care homes have access to music and arts. 


It is for this reason that part of our work is in sharing our practices, knowledge and skills with other artists, health-care practitioners, care-home staff, carers and organisations. We run a Music for Dementia Toolkit Training programme, which is available to care homes and organisations to hire-in, or book onto. 


What you will gain through this training:


  • Learn several easy-to-use musical activities that will engage people living with dementia

  • Take-away valuable resources including session plans, activity ideas and repertoire lists

  • Learn how to plan, structure and run a music session for a group of people living with dementia (no musical skill necessary)

  • Learn about how music can be used to increase the wellbeing of people living with dementia

Who is the training for? 

The Music Made Well training is suitable for anyone who wants to develop their confidence in music for dementia. This half day course is great value for money and will send staff away with fresh ideas to try with those for whom they care. SoundUp’s Music Made Well Toolkit is for anyone, no matter what your musical ability is. This training equips you with practical skills to run participatory music sessions in the home, care or community environment. It would be valuable to anyone working in day centres, care homes and hospitals or with community groups.

How to use Zoom:

Our Zoom training is easy-to-access, and simple to take part in. The training lasts 3.5hrs with a break. 

Zoom is FREE and can be used on any smartphone/tablet/laptop/computer. All you need to do is create an account. It can be used on your browser or you can download the app. You can download the app here.


Here are the easy download steps. 


  1. Click the Download button next to 'Zoom Client for Meetings'

  2. Open the downloaded file. It is typically saved to your Downloads folder.

  3. Follow the prompts to install the application on your computer.


You will receive an email with a 'Meeting' link. At the time of your 'Meeting', click the link and follow the instructions. Make sure you select 'Join with Video' and 'Join with Computer Audio'. The SoundUp host will let you in, once the 'Meeting' is ready.


Some tips for using Zoom: 

- Make sure you are close to your wifi hub.

- Close all other windows and tabs to ensure a smoother connection.

- Make sure you don't have any downloads active whilst in a lesson as this will slow down the connection.

- If you are having trouble hearing, try headphones. 

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