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SoundArt is a music and visual arts digital concert series, aimed to promote creativity and wellbeing. The music is performed by SoundUp Artist Celia Denore López, with all artworks created by Angela Denore López. You can enjoy watching this concert series as a stand alone activity, or you can download our interactive activities that accompany each video, to deliver a longer creative session.

-- Music & Art DigitalConcert Series--

Who is behind the SoundArt project? 

Celia Denore López has studied BMus Performance (piano) at the Royal Northern College of Music and is currently a SoundUp Artist associate. Music is for her an essential way to express herself and enjoys performing a variety of genres (classical, jazz, cabaret) in different settings.


Angela Denore López lives her life with a notebook and a pencil under her arm. She expresses herself drawing and painting and enjoys offering her work to everyone who wishes to enjoy the art. Graduated in Maths and Economics, she is committed to making art a way of life.


More details can be found here >>


Celia and Angela share the passion for all sort of art expression and both believe in the power of the art as a means to bring joy and improve our quality of life. They have very much enjoyed putting together these videos that are partly inspired in shared feelings and memories of their grandma.

What pieces of music are included in the series?

There are three solo piano pieces performed by Celia. Here is a list of music included so far:

Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum by Claude Debussy

Evocación by Isaac Albéniz

Gnossienne no.2 by Erik Satie

Waldesrauschen by Liszt

'Des Pas Sur la Neige' (Footsteps in the Snow) by Debussy

Prelude op32 n5 by Rachmaninoff

Autumn Song, by Tchaikovsky

What is included in the Interactive Activities? 

Each video has a corresponding FREE downloadable worksheet. These include interesting facts, discussion points, a listening activity and a visual activity along with examples of the artwork created by Angela... for you to keep! 

SoundUp Artists involved:

Celia Denore López
Angela Denore López

Interactive Activities:

Concert 1

Concert 2

Concert 3

Concert 4

Concert 5

Concert 6

Concert 7

Concert 8


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