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VE Day Lockdown Concerts, 2020

During the 2020 lockdown,  four of our wonderful SoundUp Artists ran these special 'al-fresco' concerts across the UK on Friday 8th May! These concerts were be completely free to care homes, and our small way of celebrating, thanking and honouring people living with dementia who were affected by WWII. Share music, share joy - even if we are singing from the street!

"Share music, share joy."

Our 'Songs from the Street' social-distance concerts enabled us to support our wonderful SoundUp Artists who performed uplifting songs outside care homes across the country.


"We had such a wonderful time singing together and the residents and staff were so cheerful and welcoming. As this was at my local care home it just so happened that I knew a few of the residents and their families and it was amazing to see some of my teachers from school who showed up to visit their family near the end of the concert! It felt truly heartwarming to be sharing music with these wonderful people. Thank you to SoundUp for organising such a lovely celebration! "

Artist Testimonials 

" It was special to be able to share such wonderful music, reflect and pay tribute to the many that gave so much, to ensure that we can all enjoy the freedom we share today. "


Watch some of our concerts:

Rachel Speirs @ Ashlea Nursing Home

John Ieuan Jones @ Aingarth Carehome. 

Hannah Boxall @ Heather View Care Home

Sarah Atter @ Belong Morris Feinmann

SoundUp would like to thank our wonderful Artists for their "Songs from the Street". We received brilliant feedback from all four care homes, who each thanked us for these very special concerts. 

Thank you

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