WellSinging: A Recorded Music Programme for People Living with Dementia. 

SoundUp WellSinging is a recorded music programme that allows anyone to run an effective and interactive music session for groups of people with dementia. 


Our WellSinging programme innovates the current offerings of music in care, by combining the social and personalised advantages of a facilitator-led group session with the ease, replication and cost-effectiveness of a recorded music format.


The programme works to up-skill carers and care staff, to enable them to use our tool to run effective and interactive music sessions with confidence. In doing so the programme offers innovative flexibility and cost-effectiveness to care homes, as they can use the tool as frequently as they need and whenever they choose. 

 -- Simple, sustainable, social, effective --


This programme is designed to use music, spoken word, touch and singing in a therapeutic way, to increase communication, engagement, sociability, relaxation and self-expression for people living with dementia in a group setting. The programme can be led by anybody who has completed the SoundUp WellSinging Training and is designed for regular use in care homes, day-centres, hospitals and other dementia-care settings.

A little more about WellSinging... 


We identify the value of music as a therapeutic tool for people living with dementia (PLWD) in care homes and believe that interactive music sessions should be available to PLWD on a regular basis. Currently only 5% of people in care homes have access to music, due to the high cost of music interventions and lack of training and tools for staff to run interactive sessions themselves. This is a gap we aim to fill with our WellSinging programme. We know that our business has an opportunity to innovate the current landscape of music in care, by developing programmes and resources that allow for carers and facilitators to easily, flexibly and cost-effectively run regular interactive music sessions with PLWD themselves. 


This programme will be launched soon, if you would like to request more information or secure your place please get in touch.


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