Interactive Performances

Our SoundUp Artists offer a range of specialised live concerts, which can be booked through our website. Our artists are trained in participatory music making, and dementia awareness. 


“I thought it was fantastic. It’s an absolute tonic and we always look forward to seeing you.”

J- a participant living with dementia

Our Interactive Performances are just one of the platforms where our SoundUp Artists share their talents and encourage audience members to be involved. All our artists are specially trained musicians, with specialist skill in facilitating music for people living with dementia. To find out more about our SoundUp Artists or see the concerts we can offer please visit our SoundUp Artists page.  


Book your next live performance. 

Please note: all bookings are currently suspended until further notice due to the corona virus lockdown. We would still love to hear from you and discuss bookings when restrictions are lifted. For more information about our new online tools, click here.