SoundUp Arts is a non-for-profit organisation. We are registered as a community interest company to ensure that any money we raise through our work goes directly back to supporting people living with dementia. 


We are committed to paying our artists fair wages and to making our programmes, services and products affordable to care homes and people living with dementia in the community. 


We rely on the generous donations from our community and could not continue our work without your support. 


If you would like to help us continue to provide music and arts to people living with dementia please consider donating or becoming a SoundUp Star Sponsor. Clicking on a 'SELECT' button below will take you to our Patreon page where you can join a membership.


We value and thank every one of our Star Sponsors. Our SoundUp Star Sponsor’s give monthly support to our work on three levels...

Sponsorship Flyer

--Star Sponsors --


Our Bronze Star Sponsors make an incredible impact on our organisations. By donating £5 per month, these sponsors contribute integral support. 


Over a year a Bronze Star Sponsor will have enabled a care home to access music and arts activities for a week, or gifted a care home with a special interactive concert.  

£5 per month


Our Silver Star Sponsors are key in ensuring our services reach those in need. By donating £15 per month, these sponsors ensure music can reach those in need. 

Over a year a Silver Star Sponsor will have enabled a person living with dementia to access music and arts for a 6 weeks, or up-skilled over 20 care staff to deliver interactive music to those they care for.

£15 per month


Our Gold Star Sponsors make an unbelievable difference to people living with dementia. By donating £30 per month, these sponsors are instrumental in sustaining our service. 

Over a year a Star Sponsor will have enabled a care home to run an unlimited therapeutic music sessions for people living with dementia, or supported the wages of 4 early-career musicians.

£30 per month

If you'd like to support us in another way, please consider making a one off donation. This is one of the simplest ways to help out our cause. We believe in investing in people and really want to pay the musicians who work with us, who share their talents for a great cause. Any donations we receive will go towards sponsoring the musicians who are volunteering to contribute in our workshops. Funding and any fundraising we do all goes into delivering our workshops within the community. If you would like to support our work or the musicians we work with please get in touch and see how you can make a donation today.